Jones County Ironworks

CNC Plasma Cutting, Welding and Custom Metal Work

who we are

We are an Eastern Iowa based Iron Works company with decades of experience in iron design and metal fabrication.

We work hard every day to provide our customers with excellent service and top quality iron fences, gates, railings, handrails and more.

Jones County Ironworks: CNC Plasma Cutting
CNC Plasma Cutting

Our precision CNC Plasma Cutting table allows us to quickly cut steal to the exact specification we desire. (It's also super cool to see in action)

Jones County Ironworks: Welder

Experts in all types of welding including Mig, Arc, Gas and Stick. If it can be welded we can weld it.

Jones County Ironworks: Custom Metal Work
Custom Designs

If you have a project idea we would love to hear from you. Your custom ideas make our job exciting!

“We needed a custom *thing* made to hold a heavy quartz countertop above our washing machine and dryer. Matt created exactly what we needed - Perfect Fit!”

― Catherine Laura

what we do

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We aim to provide the best customer experience possible

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In our toolbox we have extensive experience in all types of welding. Mig, Arc, Gas and Stick welding services.

CNC Plasma Cutting

Our CNC Plasma cutting table gives us the ability to cut designs up to 8 feet in length. In house designers can convert the picture in your mind into a reality.

Project Ideas

If you have an idea for a project we are the people you want to talk to. We have turned all sorts of ideas into a reality - give us a call.

Jones County Ironworks: Kamp Champ: Kindling Maker

The safest way to cut kindling for a camp fire.

" Because we now own a Kamp Champ we don't even need to have an axe at our campsite. "

Austin John JCIW customer
we love what we do

Our portfolio

Jones County Ironworks: Kamp Champ Kindling Cutter
Kamp Champ
Kindling Cutter for Firewood
Jones County Ironworks: Pizza Cutter
Pizza Cutter
Just like the Pros Use
Jones County Ironworks: Lasack Family Farms Coat Rack
Lasack Family Farms
Custom Coat Rack
Jones County Ironworks: Grill Warming Grate
Grill Warming Grate
Made for a Holland Grill
Jones County Ironworks: Jib Rig Attachement for Skid Steer
Jib Rig
Extend Lift Capability to Skid Steer or Fork Lift
Jones County Ironworks: Skid Steer Wood Splitter Attachment
Custom Wood Splitter
Skid Steer/Skid Loader Wood Splitter Attachment
Jones County Ironworks: Deer Coat Rack
Deer Coat Rack
Custom Coat Rack
Jones County Ironworks: Custom Whitetail Deer Clock
Whitetail Deer Clock
Custom Clock
Jones County Ironworks: Easy Lift Pizza Pan
Pizza Pan
Easy Lift Pizza Pan
Jones County Ironworks: Custom Fish Coat Rack
Fish Coat Rack
Custom Coat Rack
Jones County Ironworks: Camp Fire Pit & Cooker
Camp Fire Pit & Cooker
Fire Pit with Adjustable Cooking Grate
Jones County Ironworks: Bolt On Hooks
Bolt On Hooks
Hooks to be added to your tractor or skid loader bucket

" I was surprised how affortable custom work can be. "

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